March 22-30, 2015


Food, Yoga, and Creativity

A 3 Day Retreat at Tripoura Center

With Martine and Christian Pilastre

3 days to Reprogram your Lifestyle

We Invite You to Experience a Holistic Model of Health that encompasses

Body, Soul and Spirit.


Living Food, charged with Prana, (vital energy), activates and stimulates the life force within, making us more alive and joyous. .

The quality of our digestion directly influences our brain, hence our thoughts. In this way, food has the power to modify our perceptions. Experience organic, light and delicious food which will restore optimal digestion and health. .

Which foods should you keep and which should you avoid? What is the alkaline/acid balance? Which are the best food combinations? These are some of the topics covered.

Given each person’s individuality, discover how to determine what is the best diet for you.


The great changes presently happening in the world, and those that are yet to come require us to adapt. It is urgent and necessary to fortify our nervous system as well as our physical body. Simple practices designed to increase the circulation of energy within, help us to be fully and consciously present in our body. Practices will be adapted to each individual.


Mandala is a powerful tool for psychic readjustment. It fosters relaxation, concentration, and creativity, and promotes cerebral integration.

And more… learn to nourish your Well Being through contact with nature: Slow down, look, listen, feel, walk, contemplate.

When? from friday 27 at 6PM to monday March 30th 2015 at 6PM

How much? € 300 + Food and Accommodation: €165 in large shared room, € 188 in double room, € 210 in single room.

Sheets and pillowcases not included (+ € 5 rental)

Inquiry and Registratij

Send € 50 by Check or International Money Order (along with your adress, mail and telephone) to Christian and Martine Pilastre – Le Vieux Salydieu – 85320 BESSAY France

00 33(0)2 51 97 27 40

Martine and Christian are Yoga Teachers